First blog post

>>print(“hello world”)

>>hello world

Welcome to the wonderful world of food safety and food microbiology! On this blog, I hope to discuss common food safety and food micro issues such as:

  • “Is slightly ‘off’ food safe to eat?”
  • “My milk is expired! Is it safe to drink?”
  • “What does a ‘best by’ label actual mean for food safety?”
  • “Why does the government not want us drinking raw milk? Isn’t it more healthy?”
  • “What is raw water, anyway?”
  • “Are home grown eggs safer than store-brought ones?”
  • “Do I really need a meat thermometer?”
  • “How worried should I be about superbugs (what are they, anyway)?”

I am also happy to entertain suggestions and questions–just contact me via the contact page.

I look forward to seeing all of you here in the future!

Curiosity, PhD

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