Organic vs Conventional Farming–New Series

As I’ve begun the research process on organic vs conventional farming, I’ve realized that this is too complicated an issue to cover in one blog post. For starters, organic dairy farming vs conventional dairy farming brings a different set of issues than organic crop farming vs conventional crop farming. A small, family-run farm may also employ different practices than a very large farm, regardless of whether it uses organic or conventional practices. Consequently, I will be running a series of articles on organic vs conventional farming, covering the following facets of the issue:

Conventional vs Organic for Dairy Farming–One Dairy Farmer’s Perspective

“Free Range”, “Organic”, “Cage Free” and Other Labels for Eggs

Who Benefits from Organic Farming? A Summary on Organic Animal Products

Organic vs Conventional for Crops (sustainable ag)

The GMO Issue

…and potentially more.

My plan is to publish the first in the series by tomorrow (1/30). Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience. Catching the flu threw a wrench in my blog posting plans for last week, but I’m on the mend now.




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